Describing my flat

My flat is situated in Sant Joan Despí, which is one of the most important towns near Barcelona. It is a cosy and sunny 70-square-metre flat in the centre of the town.

The flat is on the second floor of a new building with a lift. It has wooden floors and Wi-fi internet. The flat has a spacious balcony with a washing machine, drier and a beautiful area with table and chairs to relax with friends in summer. It has three bedrooms, one bathroom, a well-equipped kitchen and an perfect dining room. The one large bedroom has a spacious wardrobe. The other two bedrooms are smaller than the other one. One of them is a spacious study and the other one has a single bed and wardrobe. The kitchen is large and has a small table to have breakfast and dinner at. The living room has a circular table with comfortable chairs. The sofa is in front of the large television.

This flat is near several kinds of public transport that you can take and go to Barcelona very quickly. The neighbourhood has a public library, sport centre, restaurants, bars, market, parks and shops. It is quite calm at the weekends and it’s perfect for families because there are a lot of places where you can go and enjoy yourselves with kids.

The flat is ideal for a couple and family with one kid because it has spacious bedrooms for each and the neighbourhood offers good facilities to enjoy life.


A Film Review: Fifty Shades of Grey (2015)

Fifty Shades of Grey is based on the best-seller Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James. The film was directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson. It stars Jamie Dornan as Mr Grey and Dakota Johnson as Anastasia (both are the lead actors of the film). So far, this film hasn’t won any awards but it is very popular around the world and a lot of people are waiting to see the trailer and the premier.

The film is set in Seattle today. It was filmed on different locations of the United States like New York, Seattle, Vancouver,  …

The film is about the relationship between Mr Grey and Anastasia. He is an important business man, rich and young and he manages important companies. She is 21 years old and she is studying her last year of English philology at Washington State University. One day Anastasia goes to interview Mr Grey because her friend is ill. When they meet for the first time they both get on well and fall in love. At this moment a romance stars where Anastasia begins to know the shadows of Mr Grey about his feelings and erotic pleasure.

I recommend this film if you haven’t read the book. When the film finishes you’ll be curious to read the book and know more about this story. This film has romance, eroticism and drama. Probably, this film will have two sequels in the future because there are two more books about the same story and this film is based on the first book.

An activity to improve your listening and speaking in English

I am going to describe an activity to improve your listening and speaking in English. I know this activity from my English course but I also do it at home.

The name of this activity is Retelling. It consists in listening three times to a story from our CD for the book. After that you can retell what you understand to another person or record yourself.

In the listening, I recommend you only listen the first time. The second time you can write notes and the third time you can listen with subtitles. Now you are ready to do the speaking. After that if you record your speaking you can listen to it a couple of times to check your mistakes and pronunciation.

This kind of activity helps you to improve your listening and speaking in English at home. You can plan 15 minutes or 25 minutes to do this activity at home once or twice a week.

It is possible to do this activity searching for short videos in English about interesting topics for you on the internet.

If you have a friend who is interested in speaking and listening in English you can do it together with two different topics, videos or listening. I think it is more enjoyable.

Finally if you feel more confident with your listening and speaking you can listen to the audio twice and without subtitles. That shows you your progress.

A letter

Hi Sara,

I’m writing this email to speak about your stay in Barcelona in May.

Firstly, I need to know what day you arrive and what time. I have to plan with my husband who will pick you up at Barcelona airport.

Remember, you can bring spring clothes and a jacket because in May the weather is warm in Barcelona.

You are going to stay for a week: your room is ready for you.

My husband and I are thinking about the things we can do. We can spend one day visiting Barcelona city centre. It is amazing and it has good restaurants and bars to have lunch and dinner. We can use public transport to move around the city.

Another day we can take the car and visit Sitges, wich is a wonderful village situated beside the sea. It is a good place to taste typical “paella”.

Finally, if you want we can visit Montserrat, which is an important mountain that offers trekking activities, …

Don’t worry about these plans or things as if you don’t like them we can change whatever you want. We are open to suggestions.

We realise that you need free days to visit other friends in Barcelona. Please, tell me what you plan to do during that week. If you have any question, please ask me.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.



Answer two of the questions and write 75–100 words about each.

  1. What advice would you give to someone moving to your country?

If you are thinking about moving to Spain you should think about what is the best place to work and live.

In my opinion you should consider the good weather and the beach to choose the best city.

On the one hand, the weather in Spain is quite good but normally in the Mediterranean Sea cities and in Andalucia you can have the best temperature all the year. On the other hand, you have bad weather in the north west of Spain, for example: Bilbao or Sant Sebastian because the winter in these cities is very cold.

Finally, I recommend thinking about cities with or without a beach. In my opinion Barcelona is the best city with a beach around Spain because it has beautiful beaches that you can enjoy all the year round.

  1. Describe an exciting sporting event you have seen or been to.

My last exciting experience involving a sporting event was in Chester in the last Motor bike race competition. It was the first time I’d seen this kind of sporting event but I enjoyed it a lot. I could see the attraction of this sport because there were a lot of different kinds of people: families, groups of young and old people, couples, etc.

I prefer to see this kind of sporting event live and not on television because you can share your feelings with the people near you and with the motorbike riders.  However, it is much cheaper to see this kind of event on television. The tickets for motor bike racing are really expensive if you would like to have good place to see all the circuit. Normally in the cheaper places you only see a small part of the circuit.

A cause and effect essay: Problems caused by pollution

  • Describe some of the problems caused by pollution in the world today and suggest at least one possible solution.

Over the last three centuries industrial development around the world has increased pollution and health problems.

Pollution occurs when people contaminate the environment with materials or components that produces serious problems for animals, nature and people’s lives. Nowadays we have different pollution in the air, water, noise, etc.

Air pollution is the most dangerous form of pollution in the world. Cars, public transport and industries produce the contamination that you can see in the atmosphere. This causes global warming and acid rain. These provoke the melting of the Poles because the temperature increases more quickly and the level of the sea also goes up. This kind of pollution increases asthma and cancer in people.

Water pollution attacks a lot of species of animals around the world because there are a lot of industries that throw industrials waste away in the rivers. This produces problems in animals and in our food.

Noise pollution is caused when noise is so high during the day it affects our ears and leads to psychological problems.

The world can reduce these problems if governments are more conscious of the consequences of pollution for our environment and our health. It is important that countries invest in investigation to find new sources of energy that reduce pollution and allow people to be healthier.

Finally, every person in the world can start reducing pollution if they recycle and do things like buying ecological products, using solar energy, …

A childhood friendship

When I was ten years old I changed schools and I met a lot of new class mates. But I met one special boy, whose name was Pau. He lived in the street behind me and for this reason our mums decided we should go to school and return home together.

In the first term my mother went with us in the mornings and his mother in the afternoons. In the second term they took a decision that we were old enough to go to school alone. I met him every day on the same corner close to our home.

We had lots of things in common, he was very friendly, fun, helped me with homework, we did a lot of work together, … he was my best male friend at that time. I also had other good female friends but with him it was different and we connected with the way we looked at each other.

We stayed together as friends for two courses but when we started first of ESO something happened. One day when we were walking home he asked me to be his girlfriend; he had fallen in love with me. But I couldn’t feel the same as I only saw him as a good friend. He tried to win my love and after a few months we started our first relationship. He was my first boyfriend with my first kiss.

Finally, after three months he fell in love with another classmate and we lost our relationship. For this reason I didn’t get on with him and we couldn’t go to school together and the trust we had disappeared.

When we were adults we met in the street and we spoke about our lives, studies, … but we were never friends.